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Posted by Tornado's Canadian Resorts on
Hi Mark, our gas station & restaurant(at Tornado's Resorts on AR 501) are officially open Friday to Monday. But as we live on site, the chances are pretty good that someone is around to gas you up at any time. I don't exactly know about the other gas stations in and around Port Loring.
Posted by Frank Wice on
I am sitting in Florida getting ready to head home.Hoping that the slop is of the lakes so I can get to mud lake. They can have this hot wether . I need a Port Loring fix.Jake if you pick this up I take my coffee black
Posted by Frank Wice on
The trails where great again this year. The only time I left your trail system the quality of the trail dropped of big time. It is a good thing that I have no real reason to leave your trail system .
Posted by W moore on
Thanks for your comments!!